What to See on Your Trip to Dhekelia

A Trip to Dhekelia can be made up of many pleasant activities. The country is not only rich in tourist attractions, but also in cultural and historic sites. In fact, Dhekelia is an ancient seaport that is famous for its archaeological sites and for its festivals. This makes it a perfect destination if you are looking forward to a holiday full of excitement and culture.

Trip to Dhekelia

Travelling to Cyprus is not an easy task. Though the process has been simplified by the growth in air connectivity, there are still a number of formalities that need to be followed. There are many airline companies that offer discounted flights to Dhekelia, but it is advisable to book them well in advance to avoid any last minute disappointment. If you have decided to make your travel arrangements through a tour or travel agent, the same company would most probably provide you with assistance regarding your flight schedule. You can even check online for more options and details regarding flight availability and other details.

It is advised that you book your accommodation as far in advance as possible. The longer you leave the booking to the last minute, the less likely it is that you would be able to get your desired place. It would be prudent to keep a close tab on airfares, hotel rates and rental cars as they all fluctuate according to the time and place of departure. Cyprus travel deals are a boon to travelers as they help cut costs drastically. There are so many hotels, resorts and self catering accommodation options that you can choose according to your preference.

The greatest draw when it comes to taking a trip to Dhekelia is its Mediterranean coastline that lies adjacent to that of Northern Cyprus. You can either stay in one of the many cosmopolitan towns or simply bask in the warm Mediterranean sun, watching the passing boats and yachts. The beaches here are world renowned for their pristine white sand and crystal clear waters. Some of the most popular beaches in Dhekelia are Papamoa, Beaches, Cokertme, and Daphne. All these offer the most amazing beach experiences.

An additional feature that adds to the charm of Dhekelia travel is its ancient history. The land was ruled over by the Assyrians, Megasuries and the Roman Empire. A unique feature of this region is that, whereas some of the cities and towns are quite old, others have been relatively modernized.

There are many options to explore while on a Dhekelia vacation. This would include scuba diving, camping, boat trips, nature walks, and trekking. There is also a special tourism office in Dhekelia that provides information on local activities, guide services, guidebooks and maps. Tourists can easily contact them online to inquire about scheduled programs, weather forecasts, foreign currency exchange, and driving instructions.