Top 3 Places to Visit in Trip to Rab

Trip to Rabat is an exotic trip to the beautiful resort town on the Mediterranean coast of Croatia. It has been called as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” because of its rich cultural and historical heritage. It is also known for its old city of the same title, surrounded by old walls. The town has four prominent historical churches namely, the Romanesque parish church at the famous Cathedral Svete Marije, the medieval parish church of Radenij, and the fourth century parish church of Split.

Trip to Rab

There are two seacoasts on the island of Rabat. One of them is known as the Dalmatian coast. It is a little over one hour drive from Trijani Marmarasa, the capital of Croatia and the other seacoast are calling Kvarner Bay. It is another 2 hours drive from Trijani Marasa. If you are interested in staying in a cabin on either side of these seacoasts, then you will be able to enjoy a comfortable stay at any of these holiday destinations.

The next attraction that is worth visiting while on your Trip to Rabat is the island ofcroatia. Croatia has just about everything on its hands, from green landscapes, to green parks and forests, to sandy beaches and beautiful bars. At the heart of all this is its beautiful Dalmatian coast, which you will pass on your way to Rabat by taking a trip to its seacoast. While here, you will have the chance to visit its capital of Split, which is also a few hours drive away.

For those that love their diving, Croatia is home to a couple dive sites in its south. The island of Ryazna is famous for its colourful but safe red sand. Just off the north of this is the town of Dubrovnik, which is home to one of the best known and popular diving sites in Croatia, the Dalmatian islands. Another great beach resort in the area is Krvavec, which is just a short driving distance from Split.

From the seacoast of Croatia comes the island of Boracay. This is probably the most popular tourist resort in all of Croatia and, according to some sources, the whole of Eastern Europe. A lot of tourists decide to make a trip to Boracay and stay in one of their luxurious hotels. Boracay is home to two really popular beaches, Grcinjak and Blic – both offer stunning views over the bay. Many tourists that come to Boracay stay in one of the many holiday villas available on the island, which are located throughout the resort and in attractive areas such as Pula, Crikvenica and Mijas.

For a slightly different type of beach, there is Zadar rab island, which is only a few kilometers from the last described beach. This is definitely a smaller island than the aforementioned destinations, but it is still home to some amazing beach resorts. One of the best ones that can be visited is the resort of Zadar, which is home to a small but cozy hotel that you can stay at whilst you enjoy the beautiful sights of this little Croatian island. There are plenty of other great beach resorts in and around the archipelago of Croatia that any visitor to the country should not miss. In order to save time when trying to decide where to go, you should think about what type of accommodation would appeal to you and then make your decisions from there.