Top 5 Things to Do in Kenya – Nakuru

When you have so much to do and so little time in your hands, a trip to Nakuru is ideal. This beautiful town, nestled among the stunning landscape of the Great Rift Valley is the perfect place for a holiday that is filled with relaxation, enjoyment, adventure, and fun. However, taking part in these activities should not simply be limited to adults because even little kids can find time here to have fun and excitement.

Trip to Nakuru

There are numerous things that you can do in Nakuru. You can start by going to a game reserve and spend some time on the slopes. However, if you are feeling adventurous, you can go for white water rafting, rock climbing, and other adventurous activities. If you are a photography enthusiast, then this town has one of the best spots to indulge in this hobby. This is because most of the resorts in Nairobi are equipped with excellent photographic facilities.

When you are on a trip to Nakuru, you should consider visiting the Marich Pass. This pass is a route used by many tourists as it provides a picturesque view of Lake Nakuru. You will also get to see the Great Rift Valley. The pass is open from April to October. It is a great destination to enjoy the great outdoors during your trip to Kenya. It also provides some of the most photographed spots in Kenya.

After you have enjoyed the wonders and beauty of Nakuru, you should return to the city and visit some of its famous landmarks. One of these is the parliament building, which you can visit. The Western Cape town is also a great place to visit.

Aside from the Great Rift Valley, Lake Naivasha is also a popular attraction. You can go for fishing there or even take a swim in its many swimming pools. Lake Bogolia is also a popular attraction for those who like to relax. You can sit and watch birds from a comfortable perch while sipping a drink at a natural spring. Swimming and relaxing are the best activities that you can do in Kenya; especially when you visit Kenya.

As you journey to Nakuru, you should also consider making the most out of your accommodation options. There are plenty of hotels that offer guests affordable lodging and comfortable rooms. However, one of the best places to stay is Mombasa. This city has various accommodation options including guest houses, hotels, and lodges. As you choose to make the most of your trip to Kenya, you should consider all your options so that you can be sure that your trip is a memorable experience.