A Trip to Puerto Rico – From San Juan To Taino

For those that have never been on a trip to San Juan in Puerto Rico, you will be in for a real treat. San Juan is a wonderful place with lots of tourist attractions. This Caribbean island is located just off the coast of Venezuela. There is no need to worry about your luggage as there are two international airports in San Juan, so you can fly into a comfortable and secure terminal.

Trip to San Juan

Many visitors will visit San Juan for its natural beauty and many take advantage of the fact that it is accessible by air. Unlike other places in the Caribbean, San Juan is not highly populated. There is a low cost of living and there are plenty of car rental companies that can help you to rent a car quickly and conveniently. In addition to the low cost of airfare, many will visit San Juan because of the charm of visiting an exotic tropical paradise. No worrying about spending too much for getting around or for the fees required to make international purchases. Forget about needing to be always resourceful when it comes to money.

While there are plenty of historical sites in Puerto Rico, San Juan is definitely a tropical paradise. The lush mountains, crystal clear water, and white sand beaches are a sight to behold. On your trip to San Juan, do not forget to stop in at the Mayan ruins in Tulum, which is just seven miles from downtown Puerto Rico. You can also explore other old Spanish colonial buildings along the Intracoastal Waterway as well.

When you decide to visit San Juan, you will need to decide what your day-to-day expenses will be before you go. If you book your hotel in advance, with a daily budget of under seven hundred dollars, then you can sight see in Tulum and explore the Mayan ruins in the Corozol Valley. The rich history of the area combined with the rich culture of Puerto Rico make it a wonderful place to see on your trip to Puerto Rico. The beautiful beaches, mountains, and green forests will give you the perfect photo opportunities of you vacation.

For a little less money, you can book an inexpensive car rental in Puerto Rico, which will enable you to visit even more of the attractions. Many people who travel to the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic opt for cheap flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico, so that they can take advantage of all the activities and tourist destinations that are offered there. If you book early enough, you can often find discounted prices on air travel to the Caribbean and other locations during the summer months.

If you prefer to stay in Puerto Rico rather than take a vacation to the Caribbean, then you can still go on a trip to the Caribbean and visit some of the same popular beaches that you do in San Juan. You will probably have to change airports when you reach the Caribbean, since most of the airports closest to San Juan are now owned by American Airlines, which has direct flights to the Caribbean. Rather than use one of these American-owned air bases, you can always rent a car from a company that has a base in Puerto Rico. You can also take a day trip to Taino, Puerto Rico, which is well-known for its rustic mountain villages, lush jungles, and stunning gold beaches. A day trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, will allow you to see many of the same sites that you would be able to see in San Juan.